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Practice Planner Live brings everything together in one place to keep you organized.

Easily access all of your plans, drills, workouts, and evaluations. You can even view stats on how you are using practice time.

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At Practice Planner Live, we believe that every minute counts. Point and click your way to creating a two hour practice plan in minutes. Access reports on how you are using your practice time to choose the right drill.

  • Enter all of your workouts/drills and the program organizes them
  • Create practice groups for specific workouts/drills
  • Easy to use template/layout
  • Allows you to divide a time period into multiple segments for specific event or station work
  • Auto configures your practice time allocation
  • Simply drag workouts/drills to change the order in your plan
  • Access all your previous plans in one location
  • Stats feature breaks down how much time you have spent in a particular area over a period of time